We need a great new generation! The world must be newly invented to survive! Black&White in Jahn


It was such a successful and powerful atmospheric project day at the Jahn-Gymnasium in Rathenow, a town near Berlin, the capital of Germany. We from the NGO “Initiative Black&White – for African-European and international understanding had come to a project day in this school. As we perform in 80 to 100 schools in Germany each year. We entertained the 200 pupils with African music, dancing and drumming; both in our opening concert and afterwards in 30 minutes dancing, singing, drumming and PowerPoint presentation workshops. In our musicgroup we already express: International cooperation is possible: Our members are from DR Congo, Uganda, Germany and Ghana. Our two days in this school did not only bring them the lively and soulful African lifestyle but also it opened their horizon about important things about the continent. And we informed them, what they as Europeans have to do with Africa, the continent, from which mankind flowed over the whole globe, from which cacao and coffee, metal and petrol build a deciding base for the economy and lifestyle in Europe. We explained them, why it’s important also in their own interest to build themselves into responsible citizens who stand for human rights and a balanced and equal life in dignity for all worldwide regardless of race, religion sex: If the inequality continues to grow as it is today, not only the future of Africans, but even their own future will not be easy because the young men and women in the poorer part of the world who today sees all what is possible in life on TV and internet also will through all means strive for the same decent life. And if justice can´t be reached through a political process, the risk of violent clashes will grow.

It is always a great opportunity to be with these students and let them feel and understand: There is no reason for us, to have fear from each other regardless who we are, where we come from and which beliefs we have. If we learn to be more tolerant and see the others as humans as we are, there will be no reason, to go against each other, but many reasons to cooperate. Those who invest in and benefit from wars and those worldwide and in Africa who try in every possible way to make us go against each other: They do it, because if there is peace and equal rights for all, they cannot enjoy their riches anymore, so they try to divide us in any way they can. Willy Brandt a former German Chancellor once said in his North-South commission’s report looking for a peaceful future, that, “the tax-money used to buy one war-plane could build 40.000 pharmacies for 40.000 villages and the money for one war tank could build 1000 classrooms for 30.000 pupils and one war submarine could sponsor the education of 160million pupils”. Last year, statistics shows that, the states in this world spent 1.5 trillion Euros for weapons and armies; this money could erase almost all the poverty in this world if they were ready to do so, and as Willy Brandt said ‘The one who spend money for weapons steals the money from the less privileged, which need it just to survive. We the common people have to rise and ensure our tax money is used for developments of our decent life in our states and other parts of the world. If not at the end we are the ones who suffer, there are now so many wars and as a result so many refugees. Now right extremist all over Europe uniting against foreigners and Islam and blame them to be the cause of their problems, which is not true. This development at the end is only going to create more chaos and the empower the rich people who are controlling with their economic power this world.


And they use to influende and divide to be able to continue to reign and enjoy their riches whilst the common people suffer. Let us, wherever we are, try to preach the message of peace and togetherness, and get politically active for we alone can create a better future for us and the next generation and since this students are part of this generation we try to open their minds and let them know why it’s important not to let anyone influence them negatively. The world is facing huge problems like climate-Change, growing gap between poor and rich, unemployment, spreading of wars and terror and insecurity. We need a worldwide cooperating new generation which cooperates worldwide to find together new solutions, which will give mankind a chance to survive. We proposed the pupils and teachers to make their school to a democratic workshop and creatively work on such inventions. report by Eunice Lieberknecht

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report from a German Newspaper in German at the end

More to the aims here in a tv-interview, sorry, only in German:


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