MPRP Mali diaspora supports change of power in Burkina Faso:step towards solving the security crisis

Support of the MPR Diaspora to the people of Burkina Faso.

Following the announcement of the coup d'état on Monday 24 January 2022, the MPR Diaspora supports the approach of the Burkinabe people and their brave soldiers while deploring the loss of many human lives.

The MPR Diaspora thanks all the people of Burkina Faso who from the beginning supported our people against the unjust, inhuman and illegal sanctions imposed by ECOWAS and aimed at humiliating Mali.

We, the MPR Diaspora, warmly congratulate the Army of Burkina Faso for having assumed its responsibilities by arresting the authors of the mismanagement.

A new governmental hope will be honoured in order to find a solution to the recurrent security crisis in the sub-region.

Done in Paris on 25/01/2022

Mamoudou Cissoko MPR diaspora France Europe

Secretary in charge of external relations

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