Invitation to webinars Reducing the Causes of Flight - with African Civil Society Friday + Saturday

Dear fellow campaigners for peace and justice and decent living conditions worldwide for all and especially in Africa,

We would like to invite you to our next events:

Friday, 17.9., 19h, about ZOOM and in the PeaceFactory: Flight in, to and from Ghana, the way to reduce the causes of flight, with Dr. Günter Rusch (more below) in English.

Saturday, 18.9., 2 p.m., in German: about ZOOM and in the PeaceFactory: Flight in, to and from Ghana, way to reduce causes of flight, with Dr. Günter Rusch

Saturday, 18.9, 11 am, Reducing Causes of Flight. Using the proposals of the Expert Commission on the Causes of Flight, Dr. Emmanuel Ameteph, on ZOOM and in the PeaceFactory (more below)

Saturday, 18.9, 5 p.m.: General meeting of the Black and White Initiative, via ZOOM and at the FriedensFabrik (

Zoomlink for all events:


On Friday and Saturday you can join our event on migration in, to and from Ghana with Dr Günter Rusch, who has been networking and following developments in Ghana for decades. Ghana was the first country south of the Sahara to achieve independence and had one of the most important African masterminds in Kwame Nkruma. Civil society has asserted a relatively large democratic space and is currently forming an effective non-partisan opposition under the slogan "Fix the country". In the country, many people still live without prospects for decent living conditions, work and social security. Many young people were in Libya before the destruction of the country by NATO and are now fleeing to Europe or the USA. On the other hand, Ghana has always been a place of refuge for people from neighbouring countries.

The first event will take place on Friday at 7 pm at the International PeaceFactory Wanfried, 37281 Wanfried, Bahnhofstr. 15. You can come, but you can also participate through ZOOM; there will also be participants from Ghana. This event will be held in English.

On Saturday, the event will take place in German at 2 pm, again in the factory and via ZOOM.

The link for both events:

Causes of flight

The event on Saturday at 11 am is also linked:

From civil society came the demand to the parties: Don't fight refugees, fight the causes of flight. The federal government had taken it up and set up an independent expert commission: Over the past two years, the commission, with independent thinkers from German and migrant civil society, has identified the causes of flight and developed measures to reduce them. They propose concrete measures for the new Bundestag and the new federal government. We think the commission's report is very useful: Dr. Emmanuel Ampeteh will present it on Saturday at 11 am, again at the FriedensFabrik and via ZOOM and the same link. Here you can already find information about the report:

Initiative Black and White

here you find the reports also in English:

The general meeting of the Initiative Black and White will take place at 5 pm. In the coming years, the association will work to address the causes of flight. It wants to cooperate with forces in Africa that are working for peace and humane living conditions in the various countries and build links to them through migrants. So far, he wants to focus on Ghana, as there are intensive connections to this country, and possibly also on Cameroon and Algeria. Anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to join the association.

The email of the Black and White Initiative:

Christina Eulenkamp, Eunice Lieberknecht, Dr. Emmanuel Ameteph, Rolf Schuh, Wolfgang Lieberknecht

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