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Global Networking for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We can give us so much! Let us come together and bring the world forward!

This is the picture of our group, I am 60, a german, my name is Wolfgang Lieberknecht, I have 7 kids, I am journalist and working for the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Initiative Black&White, we are active in Germany to overcome racism in our society and try to create awareness for the challenges mankind faces today! We contribute to develop the spirit, that we belong worldwide together, independent which skin-color, religion, nationality or ethnic we belong to. The spirit, that we should not be selfish, but take the interests of the others also in account. That we act in society, politics and economy according to the Universal Declaration of Human rights: We, our societies, economy, states should cooperate in a way, that all human beings can live in peace and in dignity. In the last 500 years the world has come together, today we live in one world-economy, nearly all goods, we use and like, contain work and resources knowledge and capital from all over the world. How people use environment affects all others. How food-markets, labor-markets, tax- or bank-regulations are set in countries – affects all other countries. Poverty and brutal actions for profit-interests in one country or from one country towards other countries can affect many people. The stability of our daily life therefor makes global cooperation and global regulations necessary, which balances the interests. How we can come there? We have those, who make the decisions in the structures according to the constitutions. And we have the civil societies, were people make their opinions, organize themselves. We have as common people the chance to act in the civil society – in NGOs, information and education- networks, projects together. We can unite us with people with similar ideas and can create influence in the civil society and from there also on the political decisions. Today because of international languages and education and internet we have more chances than ever before to come as common persons together. We have the chance as people from all over the world to bring our knowledge, experiences, spirit and activism together and learn from each other, how we can go forward to cooperate in the sense of humanity together and to overcome all the divisions, which hinder us till today to make the necessary steps to save the world and the lives of all. We create two groups here on facebook for people with these spirit and aims and want to go from there forward to build teams who go then more in special programs like peace-building, environment, economy, democracy, employment, food-security, education. Here is one group, you can post news, and one for education, discussion and teambuilding. Join, if you like to be part of it: for news: – Global news for peace and Human rights for teambuilding: – Global citizen Forum for peace the Universal Declaration of Human Rights those who are also especially interested to work for peace and Human rights in Africa can register here:

For news: Occupy Africa for teambuilding: – OccupyAfrica: peace and equal dignity for Africa and Africans

Here you find more about our work and initiative in Germany, videos and newspaper-reports (sorry most in German)

Let us create a strong global movement! The time is ripe for it! And it is in our globalized world more necessary than ever before! We can give us so much!

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