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ECOWAS-Mali Conflict: International Working Together for Détente, a Solution through Dialogue

Proposal for joint activities - What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for changes, actions, who we should contact? In Mali and West Africa, Germany, Europe, Africa, other countries

In the face of the dangerous escalation of the conflict between the majority of ECOWAS states and Mali and Guinea, we propose that civil society in West Africa and internationally jointly address the governments of the countries of West Africa and call on them to immediately agree on steps towards détente.

We propose to do this in an appeal to politicians supported by strong civil society forces. We invite comments on our proposal. We have formulated a first proposal for this appeal and ask for comments, criticisms, suggestions for changes. We then want to invite to a webinar as soon as possible to decide on the call and then publish it and send it to the governments.

For this call we are looking for

We urge ECOWAS states to intensify dialogue and agree on a Memorandum of Understanding with firm agreed steps on a reasonable transition period to free elections in Mali, lift sanctions and stop the mobilisation of an intervention force; there are enough problems in West Africa for which all capacities are needed to be able to solve them together, such as creating social perspectives, social security and above all jobs, stopping the spread of violence in the region, building up health care and promoting education, negotiating with the industrialised countries on measures to stop climate change and fair economic relations.

1.) Even if the Malian government cannot meet the agreed election date, there should be another way to find a solution than sanctions or even preparing for military intervention.

2.) There should be an agreement on concrete, time-bound steps that include the demands of both sides: For example: drafting of a new constitution and electoral law, by when, referendum on it, by when, setting up of a reliable Mali-wide administration to ensure fair, transparent elections, by when, negotiations with the armed groups to end the violence to ensure a fresh national start with the elections - by when. Establish a state and a parallel civil society body of members from ECOWAS and Mali and Guinea to support and verify compliance with the agreed plan.

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