Alpha Blondy against sanctions: Do not punish Malians for political inability to solve problems

In a video published via his Youtube account, the international reggae star, Alpha Blondy, castigates the decisions of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which lifted, in its summit of January 09, 2022 in Accra, sanctions "very hard" against the junta in power in Mali.

ECOWAS justifies its position because of the failure to meet the February deadline for organizing elections and bringing civilians back into the management of public affairs.

According to the world reggae star, Malians should not be victims of the "inability" of the region's heads of state to find a solution to the jihadist problems facing Mali, a major factor of instability in the country.

"When they staged the coup against IBK, you did not have this violent, radical reaction. You will have difficulty making people understand that it is not France that dictated this attitude to you in relation to its problem with Mali and Wagner," he said.

"It is very clumsy on your part. The Malians do not have to pay the price of your inability to manage an African problem, domestic," said Alpha Blondy, for whom "we can not close all the borders" and block their account at the Bceao, the central bank.

Sanctions contre le Mali: Alpha Blondy détruit les Chefs d'Etat de la Cedeao (Vidéo) -

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